Crafting System

You can obtain new tanks via crafting. Crafting system allows you to craft new Tanks and Defenders. With 2 ‘Sample Tank’, every crafting would cost you $PLACE + $GEAR + 1 Blueprint.

The features and stats of your new Tanks/Defenders are subject to your Sample Tanks you have. Each tank will be crafted randomly by algorithm so there are billions of combinations to make sure that every tank is unique. Please note, every tank will have a crafting limit of 7. After 7 craftings, a tank can no longer be used as the Sample Tank to reduce the homogeneity in features of new tanks. Upon each crafting, there will be a default success rate starting at 60%. You may lose all consumables including $Place, $GEAR, blueprint in a failed attempt. By adding Tech NFTs, the success rate of crafting can be increased. 4 Tech NFTs can be added, each would give 3-6% success rate boost.

How To Craft?

  1. Log in through your address

  2. Craft your item under 'Factory'

  3. Choose Your tanks, $GEAR, $PLACE, Blueprint, andTech NFTs (if applicable) to craft your new NFT

In V1, Factory is only available on Web End

Tank Rarity Level

There are 4 rarity levels: Common, Elite, Excellent, Perfect. The higher the rarity level, the higher the basic fire power and carry weight are.

Common Success Rate=60%, weight=132

Elite Success Rate=34%, weight=257

Excellent Success Rate=5%, weight=377

Perfect Success Rate=1%, weight=501

Painting Period

A new tank will undergo a 5-day (120 hours) painting period. During this period, the features and stats of this tank will not be revealed. A tank in painting period can still be traded on marketplace

Carry Weight

The carry weight of a tank determines how much equipment it can carry.

Player can arm a tank with any equipment in inventory within the limit of carry weight.

Fire Power

Fire Power is a score of the overall stats of a tank. Fire Power is subject to rarity level, tank level, and equipment.

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