How To Start

  1. Press 'Adventure' to enter PVE maps. You can choose a map to start a challenge. You can also view the info of your enemies and potential rewards that you may win.

2. Press 'Go' and make sure your fuel tank is sufficient to enter the 'Team' interface

3. Choose 3 tanks from your garage and maximum 4 items for combat. You can carry max. 3 each item.

Complete team setup and enter the battle by pressing 'GO'

4. You can learn how to move, attack, and use items and skills in the tutorial.

To pause the game, press the 'Pause' button on the top left.

You can also choose to quit the battle or resume.

The top center is the display of order of action and health bar of each tank. The countdown shows the time left for each tank to take action. The max. is 20 seconds.

The top right displays the maximum rounds of battle in this mission. Round count +1 when all 6 tanks finished taking actions.

How To Win

  1. Eliminate all enemy tanks within the round limit

In Case You Lose...

  1. All your tanks are eliminated

  2. Fail to eliminate all tanks within the round limit

At the end of the battle, you will see the Game Summary:

You will find the experience bar of each of your tanks as well as level, count of destroy, combo, hits, damage, and rewards.


When a radar is activated, your $GEAR yield will be boosted by 5x or 10x

To activate your radar, go to Marketplace - Inventory

The next missions on your map will be unlocked when a battle in Adventure is won until all missions are unlocked. The max battles you can win per day is 20.

When you exceed the limit, you will not receive any rewards upon winning battles. The limit will be reset the next day.

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