PlaceDAO is the decentralized governance body of PlaceWar. Through $PLACE and PlaceDAO, PlaceWar will gradually evolve into a game universe owned and governed by the community.
Holders of $PLACE are able to initiate proposals and participate in decision making by voting with their token staked. Decisions that users are able to make covers a all aspects of PlaceWar.

Voting Mechanism

The PlaceDAO is based on a quadratic voting system. The voting power of an individual is not determined by proportion of tokens owned, but the weighted average of token locked up and lock-up period. As a gaming community usually takes several years to grow and mature, such a voting mechanism can make sure the game is governed by those who do care about it in the long run.

DAO Treasury

In order to create a viable gaming community, a part of $PLACE from Ecosystem Fund and Play-to-earn program will be injected into PlaceDAO treasury. A part of the game tokeneconomics will be integrated into DAO voting:
  • Winners of Creator Reward of every season
  • Adoption of new tank designs by users
  • Punter Room limit
and so on.
In the future, fees generated in PlaceWar will be placed in PlaceDAO Treasury governed by community members.
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