As a squad commander in PlaceWar, tanks are your most reliable companions and your sword in a fight. To start with PlaceWar, you need to firstly form your squad of 3 tanks.


There are 5 types of tanks in the PlaceWar world. Each type has its own feature and statistics: - Medieval: They may look clumsy and outdated, but these old-timers ain't some expendables in the battlefield
- Heavy Armor: The backbone of any tank fleet. With balanced stats, they are your most reliable pal.
- Rocket Launcher: Hit your enemies from where they can't even see you. Your best choice if you don't want go close range melee combats
- Mech Tank: Terminator-like futuristic tanks that are capable to strike the enemies in the most surprising way
- Amphibious: Being nimble gives you tactic edge, even more so when they are capable of handling all terrains and waters.

Features & Stats

All tanks have 5 features which not just determine the appearance but also Stats. Using equipment can improve stats of the 5 features
  • Turret: determines Damage how much damage you can cause by one hit
  • Barrel: determines the Range how far you can shoot
  • Engine: determines Mobility how far you can move each round)
  • Armor: determines Defense how much damage you may take from a hit
  • Tracks: determines Dodge Rate how likely you can dodge a hit

Craft A New Tank

A new tank can be obtained via crafting. Every crafting will cost $PLACE, $GEAR, and items. The type, features, and stats of the new tank are subject to those of the two model tanks and tech NFTs.
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