Create To Earn

In PlaceWar, we incentivise creativity as much as aggression with our unique Create-to-earn, or Creator Reward mechanism.

How to Win Creator Reward

Every season the top 100 by Conquest Point are entitled to submitting their painting design to PlaceDAO. The DAO members will vote for the top 3 winners of the season based on size, creativity, and popularity. The winner will get a lucrative Creator Reward.

Collaborative Creating

Placedonia has 90000 Pixels and you are competing with players everywhere to find a space for your painting, so the best strategy is always collaborating with others who agree on your design.

Successfully creating your own painting may take no less effort than creating a guild, it is safe to expect that a complicated social ecosystem will arise from PlaceWar: warriors, designers, diplomats, mafia, communicators. Every small faction could be a small DAO which may involve proposal initiating, voting, and treasury management especially for those Creator Reward winning groups. In later development, PlaceWar plans to provide easy-to-deploy microDAO toolboxes.

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