Equipment is an NFT class which augments the feature stats of a tank. Equipment is classfied into 5 categories:
  • Turret: determines Damage how much damage you can cause by one hit
  • Barrel: determines the Range how far you can shoot
  • Engine: determines Mobility how far you can move each round)
  • Armor: determines Defense how much damage you may take from a hit
  • Tracks: determines Dodge Rate how likely you can dodge a hit

Equipment Crafting

Equipment can be obtained through crafting:
To craft an equipment, you need
  • Resources required
  • Spend $GEAR and $PLACE
  • Add Tech NFT to increase success rate

Equipment Rarity Level

Equipment has 4 rarity levels: Common, Elite, Excellent, Perfect
By adding Tech NFTs, the success rate of crafting as well as the odd of obtaining a higher rarity level equipment will be increased.

Equipment Set

There are two sets of equipment you may get from crafting: Zero Set and Strike Set

Resources Needed For Crafting

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