Pixel System

Placedonia, the canvas land of the PlaceWar world, is divided into 300 x 300 parcels of tokenised Pixels. A Pixel represents a pattern on the canvas and is the home base for all your tanks. You can construct various facilities and place Defenders on your Pixel using construction resources you collect during your gameplay.

Placedonia is inspired by r/place, the world-famous collaborative creating experiment on Reddit. In Placedonia world view, we inherit the spirit of r/place. Users can choose a color of their Pixels, and create a painting by making a phalanx of pixels. To align all Pixels needed to support a painting, players would need to purchase more pixels, make friends, or simply get it done by conquering other Pixels.

Pixel is the land of Placedonia, so as an owner of Pixel, you can:

  • Resources: Collect resources or even $PLACE spawning randomly in the Pixel

  • Construction: Construct buildings and other facilities to get Buffs or extra resources production

  • Pegatron Skirmish: Defeat roaming rogue drone, Pegatron, and loot treasures

  • Conquest Mode: Invade other Pixels to force change color and loot resources, or build defenders to defend your Pixel.

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