Conquest Mode

In Placedonia, players create their own design by conquest. It is also the most competitive and strategic part of the game.

How To Invade?

As an invader, you have to:

  • own at least one Pixel

  • Have a squad of at least 3 tanks

To start an invasion, you challenge the defenders of a Pixel (Max. 3 defenders each Pixel). Defenders are automatic NPCs so you can challenge them 24/7. Eliminate all enemy units to win the battle.


The successful invader can loot all resources unharvested by the Pixel owner. If the resources spawned was harvested before invasion, the invader will loot nothing so be sure to check this before starting an invasion.

Upon an unsuccessful invasion attempt, invaders can randomly lose some none NFT items and $GEAR to the defending side.


The successful invader can force change the color of the defeated Pixel for the period until the Pixel owner changes it otherwise. There is a cool down period between every change of colour so another change can only happen after the cool down period elapses.

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