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PlaceWar is not just 'another P2E' game. We want PlaceWar to become an gamified Internet culture metaverse, and an open world for gamers and design enthusiats, not just limited to the crypto space. We want the players to have fun with the gameplay and indulge their creativity here, with a sustainable and lucrative enough Play-To-Earn mechanism to support. Moreover, we want PlaceWar to be a game truly driven by the community, and we believe it is the key for the longevity of PlaceWar.

In PlaceWar, players participate in content generation through Pixel system. Inheriting the spirit of r/place, players are empowered to show their own design through Pixel phalanx. They will also be authorised to customise designs of tanks, defenders, buildings, maps, or even game modes. PlaceWar will encourage the community to develop handy tools and SDKs to assist that purpose. Through PlaceDAO, players are able to vote on proposals they support, winners of creator campaigns, admission of new tank model designs, or even the rules of a new season. Bond by tokeneconomics design, we are confident that the community will stay neutral and do good.

PlaceWar also plans to develop easy-to-develop microDAO toolboxes to facilitate guilds to build and manage their own DAOs.

Join Our Journey To Form The Biggest Blockchain Gamer & Creator Community

PlaceWar is designed for the purpose to attract real gamers and creators. We are inviting you to join us in the journey to create the new paradigm for MMO games.

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