The Team

The PlaceWar project brings together members who are both prominent and experienced in the game development industry as well as blockchain technology. The PlaceWar team is led by Myrtle Ramos, founder of Block Tides, a leading and award-winning blockchain PR firm based in Singapore under the leg of Asia Token Fund. She is an official influencer of Coinmarketcap and VP of GokuMarket.

Myrtle is also one of the pioneers in organising Play-to-earn game scholarship programs. Her scholarship program with different P2E games along with her partners such as MetaGaming Guild, is one of the biggest in South East Asia.

The core game developers are from Mega Game Studio, a leading mobile gaming studio based in Philippines and Taiwan. With more than 10 years of gaming and development experience in the team, Mega has had a successful track record and is capable of handling all tasks from product creation to marketing and monetization.

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