Placedonia consists of 90,000 Pixels which are represented as non-fungible tokens that can be freely transferred. The Pixel will be distributed through an NFT sale.


Each Pixel has a rarity level which determines its location and resource generation capability. The Pixel Rarity Class will be graded as C (common), R(rare), E(epic), L(legendary)

What Differentiates Each Rarity Class?

  • Location: Pixels close to the center of the Placedonia canvas have higher rarity while the farther ones have lower rarity.

  • Resources: Pixels have more production capability of more resources have higher rarity

  • Zoning: Rarity level also determines the zoning of each Pixel, meaning that more building options are available for Pixels of higher rarity level

Color & Paintings

The Pixel owner can choose a color for a Pixel, which can be displayed on the Placedonia canvas. A Pixel owner may wish to make his own painting or join another painting. To do so, the Pixel owners will have to make other Pixels change their colors or change his own color accordingly. If your defenders are defeated. You can change the color back after cool down time.


Resources will randomly spawn on Pixels every 6-12 hours. The Pixel owner will have the privilege to harvest, unless gets raided by invaders.

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